Your Call to Duty  Under Way
When They told You not to Say 
“Hurting Children’s not God’s Way!” .

Just keep one thing in Mind okay,
As you watch the Chem - Trail Spray,
And helping People not to stray
When the Grabblers cut their Pay.
They always use the same
Foul Play.
But not the new 5G array !

So When you see the World is Flat.
Don’t take it out on the Small Hats
So Put away those Baseball Bats,
And Save them for the Wild  Cats.
The ones that Howl at Night
Out Back
At the Fun Book Burning Chats

Red Flames Reflecting From Their Eyes
Behind the Orange Fireside
Fueled by the Pages of Bill Nye’s
Poorly Written Book of Lies.

And tell them “Hey Guys don’t be Gay”
Don’t Let the Devil Lead me Astray,
Guys Please don't Masturbate All Day.

And  When These Times Are far away,
You may  Recall These  Memories.
And Just Like Carly Simon Says :
“ These will Be Your Good Old Days.”
And When You reach the Yawning Grave
Perhaps you will Just Laugh ,
And Say : "O.K. Guys."
“ I Think It’s Time To Land This Plane.”


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