Ladder of Life (The, ''I Used To and I Still Kinda Do'')

Where did the time go? All of my money used to be spent on the best collection in Yu-Gi-Oh.

I used to sit on my mom's front porch claiming the nicest car that drove by. Now I have my own car and the maintenance is a pain in the ass, but I love having MY own car. 

I used to dread going to class in high school, because I was a misfit and a nerd, but now I have the general population calling me ''cool''

I used to follow the leaders, but now I am a leader. I have people following me. 

I used to look out my window at night as a boy and reach my hands out to the stars becasue I was a dreamer.

I used to stay up past my curfew to look at Japenese anime on Adult Swim. I wanted to see Inuyasha and Cowboy Bebop. 

I used to steal from markets to fill my stomach. I used to spend my loose change on comic books at the Ontario Street Comic Book Store. 

I used to come home and my dad would greet me with a smile from the couch and tell me to, ''Get my ass to start on homework.''

I used to fight with my brothers, but now I fight for them. 

I used to make fun of my sisters, but now I still make fun of them. Haha. 

I used to cry a lot when my dad died, but now the tears come randomly. 

I used to read Goosebumps and Harry Potter and I still read them. ''The boy that lives'' is an inspiration and R.L. Stine compelling stories never left my mine.

I used to argue with my mom a lot, but now we speak to each other with respect and dignity. 

Growing up was no easy task.

My parents told me to always be myself and to never wear a mask. 

My mom told me to never to drink coffee, but now I do, and I make it for people as my job. 

Growing up had it days of defeat and victories. I stand here now being a combination of everything that I just wrote. 

I was told to live and to spread hope. I'll do that until I am done growing up.




This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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