The Ladder

Guilded I am

Seen as superior

Expectations run high

So I push, and push


I strive to achieve

Reaching for the top

Climbing higher, and higher

The summit within view

Nearer, and nearer

I taste the sweetness

Intoxicating all

My head swimming


Narcissus whispers in my ear

Filling my head

Thoughts of grandiosity

I twist and turn


His corruption propagates

Infecting my thoughts

My confidence unmatched

I begin to summit

The top within grasp

I reach out

It vanishes

I fall, and fall


Nothing to slow my descent

I am hopelessly plummeting

Down, and down

All I believe, dissipated


I clung to lies

I am nothing

Occulted to all


Yet I continue

My inevitable path

I must ascend

The fall isn't the end

Just a punishment


The summit is a lie

It does not exist

Only the climb endures

An endless ladder


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