The lad that completes me.

Purple eyes,

a smile I hold so dear.

A sweet sunrise,

your eyes, shouldn't hold those tears.

I can tell you my dreams,

Comic book stories I want to come real.

I can tell you my fatasies,

My inspirations, what I work for

That drench me in teal.

I've shared my life with you,

Three years my junior.

 My brother that I hold so dear,

With you the days go by so much sooner.

We play, we create,

All the superheros in the world,

Yours has purple eyes,

Mine has yours.

Let's put together our imaginations

And talk about those comic book ideas.

Even if we're stranded on an island,

I'll work hard,

As long as you stay be my side,

My support, and my ideal.





This poem is about: 
My family


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