Lace Up For The Journey


Placed onto my feet,

Taking me from concrete to street.

Leopard print and bright pink,

They move me to think.

They have always been there,

Without them I am bare.

Every place I have explored,

From the U.S. To Europe, Mexico, Caribbean and stood for.

By car, boat, plane or train,

These shoes have done the walking and maintain.

Worn, but full of lasting marks,

That have stepped in many parks.

The gap is closing and the end is nearing,

I can see my diploma in the clearing.

My shoes will guide me to my destination.

To a feeling of pure bliss, the soles of my life are my foundation,

I am an achiever, my shoes have awakened,

All my experiences that have been taken.

Up and down steps,

Through the school halls filled with homework and projects.

Down the sidewalks when walking my dogs,

From visiting sites on a map to blog.

They will be there when I cross the finish line of my high school career and onto college.

These shoes are my anchors grounded and heading in the right direction for knowledge.

Forever more, walk on.





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