Mixed emotions.
I’m spinning out of control.
Why does this surprise me?
I knew this was coming all along,
And yet, I’m losing it.
My breaking point,
Way past due.
My heart still beats to the songs you sing;
My body dances to the rhythm of your footsteps.
The blood flows through my veins, but it no longer runs smooth –
Cold as a winter’s day.
My temper,
Never say nonexistent.
Relaxation level?
I had no idea that was possible!
Fed up,
With every aspect of life.
My mind,
I lost it,
The same day I lost you.
A labyrinth…
The ball of sanity,
Rolling everywhere,
Through twists and turns,
Trying to figure out which way to go.
I wish someone would come pick me up,
And point me in the direction
Of where my future lies -
Where you lie.
Darling, please?
Come back to me,
And help me through this maze
Called life.
Cause I keep running into dead ends,
Trying to find my strength to go on.
But I’ve realized,
It’s gone too,
Just like my heart,
My warmth and security,
My control,
And my mind.
All of it left –
With you.


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