Sat, 07/13/2019 - 18:05 -- mkw256

A man stricken with grief living in hell,

first he must complete the Labors Twelve.

A fearsome lion to crash and crush.

A nine-headed beast defeated

with the help of one he trusts.

The next two were a test of patience to capture instead of kill:

A terrible monster and a menacing boar were the obstacles of this hill.

A stable drenched in poisonous waste,

vicious birds to be slain with haste.

A gigantic bull that had to be carried back,

Man-eating horses stolen to keep him on track.

A girdle to be claimed from the mighty Amazon,

the prized herd to be reclaimed from a shepherd's throng.

The next labor required apples blocked by the teeth of a hundred-headed dragon.

His final labor asked him to leash a tree-headed guard dog that would make him champion.

These labors helped the man cleanse his soul and set his heart free;

as well as, show that man who he could truly be.


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