To Laborers of Divergence


I saw in the reflective glass an image of a man unknown,

Alone thou stood in the quiet dawn - waiting for me to arrive,

Search and search and search,

I never did abide.

Abide! Thy bloated eyes - burdened with thy grief,

To navigate the veiny streets,

Throbbing thy pedestrian pulse,

Attending steely factories, monotonous, and leaving me behind.



The face of a woman - serenely dormant,

A tremble in thy mouth - I stretch to meet your lips,

A tender shade of rose,

The sunrise billows high to greet me,

Thy rhythmic breaths - deep, deep! Like thundering rivers in need of sleep.

I depart in hope,

To pay my dues - for you, for you!

So thou can continue, rest in peace.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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