Look at me, what do you see?

What's the first thing that comes to mind?

Is it that I have nappy hair? Or is it that I have big lips?

You're probably thinking I'm loud and obnoxious

I'm probably from the ghetto

Therefore, I'm unintelligent and I'm probably gonna steal from you

But what if I was Hispanic?

I most likely don't have a green card

I only do manual labor

You're probably thinking I'm loca

Let's say I'm Asian

My package is presumably smaller

My eyes are always closed

And it's impossible for me to pronounce my l's

Now I'm Muslim

And all I do is terrorize others and

I probably mistreat my wife

Now we're getting serious

What if I was gay?

You probably think it's a disease

Or that I have AIDS

You think I wanna sleep with you, you, or you

If I was White

I'm the one to blame for everyone's sadness

I'm the person who holds the power

I'm the majority

I'm the one who colonized the world

I'm considered the richest

I'm the perfect race

I'm a woman, a female, a girl

Oh, you think I belong in the kitchen?

I'm not supposed to be the breadwinner

I should just be pretty and be looked at

I'm supposed to be below men?

I birth the man, why can't I be the boss?

Okay, now I'm chunky, fat, thick

I guess you're thinking I eat too much

I can barely run two feet

I probably smell cause I can't reach under the "layers"

I'm probably too lazy to get off the chair

You would date Hitler before you date me

Let's say I'm a man, a boy, a dude

I'm obsessed with sex... Well that may be true

But I'm the strongest

I have to be in charge

I make the rules and the most money

No woman can open a jar unless I'm there to do it

And in this society

We walk around and look at one another

As we judge each other by the color of our skin

By the way we talk

By the way we walk

By the shapes of our eyes

By the texture of our hair

By the size of our nose

Telling us this is the way things goes

It's sad that we live in a world like this

Cause in the end we're all trying to be happy

In the end we're all looking for ourselves

We're not looking for someone else to label us

In the end, we're all just humans

But in the end, we've forgotten what it means to be human


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