La Noche Observatories.


Premeditated Illuminations engulfing the 2 pi,
Mathematical remark, wrong flashes of light, Eternal in feeling a day,
Swimming furiously the majority of night
Breath held shore in sight,
Taken with a fight and never beaten.
Whose goals are enticing in that frontal plate Trying to delight me ran around with changed into titan.
Making a mess on that page called it writing.
The gold grown on a few items I touched,
Went a little lower and it couldn't make me blush.
Prolifically disortating touch causation for the change nay the flux.
Star spangled Im problematic not handled throwing stones now its backgammon.
It's less than a band when the wavelength
When the linguistically attuned peries sword drawn felling raw then come at me.
Get this hit of fencing those edges sharpening the tips. Fortitude fired calibration for that barrel granted the pin slips.
Darting out of the path of the Daye so you don't catch a Phrase, If you ate at 10 the former can make sense. Ultimately observed the light
Remarked on the brilliance, one adjective until the lenses were cleaned dodging those containing the sheen title allured new casting, wanna be God but I am all that's everlasting. Drive slow don't pray to me for luck expect a crashing.
To arms before a field, sword drawn
Prepared for clashing before your death
My image the last hope to which you're clasping.
You said my name before the flight.
And I've book it, but here's to a Bunch that
See themselves as straight ,knowing there crooked.
Told the Waiter at door. “Im intengent on going for more.” Taking the scope now private plans to Explore.

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