La Negra


390 Pala Vista Dr. apt.6
United States
33° 11' 26.412" N, 117° 14' 3.3252" W

The playing of mariachi music on the background

With my feet stomping the floor making sound

I am entering the stage and perform to an audience

Its ballet folklorico what makes them silence

Move to the front and not lose the balance

Keeping my head down; about to show my talent

The trumpets speed up its rhythm

I lift my head and I have a clear vision

I am behind my partner with its colorful dress

My heart is pumping hard I confess

I am nervous as the eyes of many are on me

But its normal as it has to be

I move to the front of my partner

Her eyes are getting darker

As we move away from the center

She smiles with vigorous splendor  

I move forward to the front of the stage

I no longer feel trap in a close cage

I am liberated and proud to dance

Its my culture I enhance

I stop and move backward

Searching and I find her

Grabbing her hand I turn her around

On one spin she falls on my arms

The song has finished

I am pleased leaving the crowd astonish

My heart is pumping fast

I feel happy as we did a great job

Culture is important to me

It identifies who we are and who we will be

Whether is dancing la Negra song

Or searching where you belong


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