La Casita de Cameron Vista


She’s a cold hearted beast

That seems to instigate the tantrums of the clock


As soon as she strikes 2 am

Suddenly she realizes she’s unfulfilled with the standards of time!

Her routine of infinite clockwork motions…

Is no longer the design!


The handles relentlessly move as a retrograde flow

Each advance is a thrust so painful,

It seeps to the marrow of my bones


But I always end up HERE…

La Casita de Cameron Vista


It’s not just a blue house near the corner of the street …

But the smell of menudo every Sunday morning

With my nanas favorite spices


And you can’t forget the tapatío


Its fireworks on the fourth of July

With a variation of colors so pure

That somehow

Always make me thankful my parents crossed the border


Its carne asada every August 20th

Sizzling on the grill

My tíos cranking up the radio a little bit louder

With the song “Tragos De Amargo Licor” in one hand

And a keg of beer on the other


La Casita de Cameron Vista

Is my tío Chuy fixing up his sweet 64’ impala in the garage

The amazing paint job beneath my finger tips

Feeling of god’s heavenly bliss


It’s my nanas warm blanket

Every time I got sick


And an even warmer laughter

The echoed through my head like a gong


That’s when I realized

The eclipse of time was gone


Reality desperately tries to grasp the ashes of my past

Using it as fertilizer

For the seed of my future


Like a burdening mistress

She asks me for a chance

But my melancholic nostalgia seizes to find reason

And like a petty fool waiting for the lynch

I say that reality could never fulfill my desire and longing

For the “once was”


I look at the clock

And I hope

That one day her tantrum will leave me stuck in time


You see…

 La Casita de Cameron Vista

Is no longer blue

But a mocking pigment of yellow caution tape …


And it’s red

It’s red…

This poem is about: 
My family



Thank you so much! The poem is based on a house i grew up in, the ending means that its hard to let go of the past. The caution tape is both a literal and figurative term. The literal term comes from the fact that it burned down quite some time ago, the figurative term means that we should try to not let ourself get too stuck in the past.

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