L . O . V . E

Tue, 04/07/2015 - 14:02 -- Dulce92


It started with an L followed by and O then came V and ended with an E

An international, over used, multi meaning word

Leads and misleads the people who want to believe

Hopes up and disappointments follow

Questioned then answered in one simple action

Affection in progress to the ones that we honor

Fatal dismay if the honored don’t remain

Craved and desperately wanting

Leads to the destruction of ones fantasy sentiments of affection

Successful or unproductive based on who were in love with

Inimical to our feelings if it’s not reflected back

Love is not always love when love doesn’t show love back

The true meaning of love is inquired within our state of mind

Love will be love until we don’t love back

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Our world
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