"L-I-F-E" ft. "The Colour Black Combined"


Pine Bluff, Arkansas
5321 Leawood Drive
United States
34° 12' 29.79" N, 92° 3' 53.2872" W

The "L" in life I abbreviate as living. You may character living as oxygen and movement. I character living as a timeline for improvement. Living is not a choice, nor a demand. Living is a given gift from the most powerful hands.

The "I" in life I abbreviate as in. Sometimes I become stranded with whether I am "in" my own life. Am I "in" my right path? Or am I just drowning "in" my own bath?

The "F" in life I abbreviate as faith. Faith is such a powerful word. But yet, faith is not in possession of our souls but continues to be just heard. In my dictionary faith comes BEFORE faithless. So if we lack the possession of faith, how can we foward the motion of being tremendously blessed?

The "E" in life I abbreviate as everyday. Everyday lives are decreased, but economically, expenses are increased. I stand here before you and pray that futures of young, black children are attained and when they are no more depression nor goals being in vein. ......................Speaking of the colour BLACK, let me bring it on back. The colour black has alot of baggage. But yet, it continues to be a word of savage.

Fear, dread, pain, defeat. Blood abandoning our veins so weak. The colour black is absence of light. It took a quarter of a million blacks to fight for ONE equal right. Equality, reality, abnormality, ya'll doubted me, but I became more proud of me. Harriet Tubman, Malcom X, Martin Luther King. Shoutout to Obama who became the dream. The colour black is beauty, no....royalty. My ancestors DIED by foolish authority. Lynch, beat, rape, kill. For no apparent reason. Now come on let's get real.

A system of racial classification. A bold BLACK girl, with words of powerful manifestation. The beauty of blacks runs through my mind, I can feel it around the rim of a glass wine, define mine, without a crime, no more working hours for just a dime. Dont feel sympathy for us we made it through. Just know that the colour black is now defined as a captavating hue. As I close this poem, I hope you've acknowledged what life is. (L)iving-(I)in-(F)aith-(E)veryday.....The end.

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