Kylie, why?As our high

Kylie, why?
As our high school senior year is at its end
I realize I may never see you again
I  know I will  forever miss you dearly my friend
Because you have always been like my kin
I forgive you my friend, I forgive you my friend
I know what you did was wrong and unclear at the time
You placed me in a bad situation for a unwarranted crime
I know you didn’t do it on purpose,
But it surely made everyone in my family nervous
Social media is like a stage 4  cancer
And now I will have to answer
For poorly worded social media reports
I know you did it for giggles and laughs
You placed me in the middle of a war with the guy next door
Lawyers fees, prosecutors time and energy
I only wish you knew how hard  this is for me
Sitting  with drug addicts and criminals awaiting my turn
For a heading stating something I have never done
I never roller bladed into the neighbors car
Good thing my Mom taped me from afar
To prove to the prosecutor that I was innocent
I lost many nights of sleep and school
This was so cruel
I sat for weeks awaiting my fate
Months of grief in an anxiety filled state
You knew this neighbor was well known with many upper echelon friends
You never approached me or my family to make amends
I definitely learned a lesson
As the situation kept me stressing
No social media for me my friend
It's so sad our relationship came to an end
I will never forget you my friend
Good luck in college

I now have so much knowledge
I’m going to be a lawyer



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