Why does it hurt but feels so good.

Holding on , clawing not wanting to let go , I  fall when i look in your eyes.

 Who knew that I would need this thing called love so much.

What is Love. You are love .

You are mine , we are one with eachother , or atleast i think so . How do you feel , I mean just know is this real. do you feel what I feel. or does this not mean anything to you.

Just be true , please . Dont hurt me , Dont leave me.

Hold me , Kiss me , L O V E me.

Dont let go , I'm drowning.

I cry in  your arms when , why am i so vulnerable ? Turn the tables now you chase me

Tag your it.

 We chose this . God chose us .

I'll die for you , I live for you.

I bleed you , I breathe you , I feel you , I smell you.

tell the truth what is it that you want , dont front i wont judge you as long as you promise to do the same this ain't no game . My heart is on the line.

A thousand words wont explain how i feel. Pain , Happy.

Stay by me.




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