Sometimes I need to stop and breathe

For a single moment of relief

From heart breaks or straight A’s or prom dates or bad days

Behind each breath is a meaning

 A story that you can’t see, but you can see through feeling


That’s the thing; no one understands the feelings that I’m dealing with

I try to be Super Man, when underneath this cape is a frightened little kid

So who am I kidding?

I‘m not a Man of Steel; I’m a man that feels deep down within his heart

The pressures of a stressful life

Until it breaks me down into little pieces of kryptonite

Am I right?


I wish that my emotions could just disappear

Because it just hurts to feel the pain daily

Maybe that’s why I get nightmares instead of daydreams


Yet I still dream of the day

Where I can truly say that I’m okay

Instead of people asking me, “How is your day?”

And my response would always be I.D.K

I don’t know, I don’t know what to say when every day

My mind is embodied in a state of decay

Eating away my brain till there are no remains


But I continue to remain

Continuing to deal with the pain

As it weakens me until my existence fades away


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