Koyaanisqatsi and the Downfall of the Turtle

I am tough, I am strong.

My shell protects me from all around -

except from these creatures that don’t belong


I have survived for millions and millions of years,

survived attacks from dinosaurs, wolves, crocodiles,

all of my greatest, scariest fears


I have evolved to live everywhere from deserts to salt water,

I am of perfect design,

I will not falter.


With such strength, wisdom and longevity,

my kind will live on ‘til the end,

our existence knows no brevity.


Suddenly things all changed with the expansion of man,

as their numbers increased,

our specie’s downfall began.


Cars began to crush us on hundreds of newly built roads,

humans snatched us up – calling us pets

they removed us from our cozy, swampy abodes.


Climate change leaves us with temperatures we cannot withstand,

cities, subdivisions and malls are built,

each day we lose more and more land


Pollution and chemicals make us weak

our numbers are diminishing

our future, once bright, now looks bleak


I could go on and on

but I must find new ways to remain tough and strong

for my shell that once protected my from all around

                                         is no match against these creatures that don’t belong.


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