Knowledge is Power


Knowledge is power

Learned since we were younger for hours

Stupidity is what I devour

Teacher wants an apple better not make it sour

I want to learn about many things

Not just anything

Not about wedding rings or the major bling

But the way we think

And how to be creative like a new way to sing

Because in the world of reality

We follow the systems as if they were our majesty

No, its not happening

Anymore from this student

And once I'm older I'll be suited

Knowing languages of art, not to mention I'll be fluent

Not to deal with the neausense

That the media influence

The government should allow more creativity into our minds

Because in time we will run out of ideas

Feeling tired? Go buy a couch at IKEA

I resist from the system and want to learn how to be unique

So once I enter the "job world" I'll be the one everyone would want to seek

And reach as if my middle name was sky

Knowledge is Power is a motto I'll live by until I die

And you know what it's not 100% right

Because it might ignite the next fire or light

For the next greatest invention

And I did forget to mention

That teachers should allow more artistic, imaginary activities

This will be our favorite pencil, brighter than all other utilities

You can see the rare qualities in one and would allow the mind to WORK

And for whatever its worth I hope this poem rebirths

To our generation a difference in our eduaction

To help with the present situation of following guidelines.




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