The Knowable Forest

Fri, 04/25/2014 - 15:08 -- kerinks

Looking from bleeding feet

     Up to where I used to think

       Heaven Rested

I saw birds I once knew to be

     Angels getting shot out of the sky.

The Blue Jay who told me everything will be okay

     Just choked on its own words

       In the form of buckshot

         Spraying feathers and blood

           Onto the clouds.

I travelled a long way

     Through the thicket

       Only to watch the Bird of

         Paradise I was searching for

           Fall from a branch up high

         Into a bear trap

           I accidentally set up years ago.

I saw Falcons breaking beaks on the

     Modern curtain wall system of the

       Now dilapidated high rise

          My imagination once erected,

             And fall all ten stories to death...

...the forest is lousy

     With ignorant Wild Boars-

       Who leave designer clothes

         Along their otherwise discreet paths... I follow Prada to the dying Angel Gabriel-

     She tries to wrestle one more song

       From her pale lips

But I crush her feathered skull underfoot

     Before she could break my soul.

       I lay to sleep in that puddle of down

Dreaming for more birds to know.



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