Why kitty?

Why were you sent to me?

Was it because you were calmWas it because you played with my palmOr was it because you didn't hiss at me Or maybe because you didn't piss on meWhatever the reason You always greeted meNo matter what seasonYou also ate a beeIt was funny Did it taste like honey?Maybe it stung youBut maybe you knewAnd you were hilarious to watchAnd whenever you were with meYou turned it up a notchAlso You had 5 kittensAnd you know what?They were softer than mittensAnd they were so cuteThey didn't make any noise so it was like they were all on mute They grew up fast and I wanted to keep them all to my selfBut they had to leaveAnd you had to dieAnd I never got to say goodbyeAnd when I cried Clouds formed and it began to rainBecause of all this built up rage and painAnd even though you're in heaven Things will never be the same 

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