Kitchen Floor

They slept on the kitchen floor

Their backs were sore


Covered in blankets, shivering from the cold

The family fit together as if they were in a candle mould


The power had gone out the day before

Snow piled up to the top of the front door


Their food had all gone old

Their meat had begun to grow mold


They missed that big furnace they had sold

For only a piece of gold


They didn’t know they’d need such a big heating system before

But all they had now was the stove, and they needed more


They needed the money because sister came down with a cold

“I need ten dollars!” The doctor would scold


Sister needed medicine to return to her many a chore

She had to do errands for the lady running the drug store


So to keep warm they were wrapped in the blankets they wore

And now they slept on the kitchen floor.


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