Kiss of the Sphinx


United Kingdom

Long becomes short,

small becomes big,

riddles under my skin.

Paradoxical stars,

truth begins.

Love flares and fizzles



Silent enigma,

you held my hand until sand


Bland my eyes became until refraining


My teeth screech across a cherry dessert.


Broken becomes whole,

complete I weep,

blood seeps from my eyes till I see.

What is me?

An empty vase contains





I slump to a jagged ledge,

plummet and cross an abyss,

arriving at spherical heavens.

Armageddon requires action.

Repentant fractions of dust,

intuitions fruition leads.


Death becomes Divine


allowing life to grow deaf

to fate

until tall bears witness

and weeps.

But together we can sleep.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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