Kiss Me

Kiss me

Let me feel your breath

Your lips on mine

Like a pulse

Like a heartbeat


Kiss me again

And ask if I like it

And when I say yes


Kiss me again

All over

Down my neck

Making me want you


Kiss me again

Pull me in closer

Until I can feel your soul

One heartbeat


Kiss me again

Till the nervousness fades

And I am alive

Every nerve at attention


Kiss me again

Tell me you want me

Ask my permission

Then touch me


Kiss me again

Make me feel beautiful

Make me feel free

Make me feel wanted


Kiss me again

This time lift me up

Into your arms

Like I am flying


Kiss me again

I sit on your lap

I have to twist sideways

To look at your face


Kiss me again

This time from behind

Take my chin in your hand

And pull my face to you


Kiss me again

At the end of the night

I’d stay if I could

But I have to go home


Kiss me again

You’re the star of my dreams

Tossing and turning

I force myself to sleep


Kiss me again

Call me the next day

Ask if you’ve been

On my mind


“Kiss me again,”

I want to tell you

But I keep my mouth shut

My friend is listening


Kiss me again

Your lips were delicious

I knew what to do

But you were the pro


My first kiss

I’m glad it was with you.

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