She arrives, only when I’m close to my grave. Sitting on the lip of a coffin, where dark souls will soon yearn for my newly rotten skin. She appears behind a tree budding with silky white flowers, as spring time drops seeds that bloom. She peels the petals off one by one so spring shall suffer. She gently caresses the ragged brown bark. Sprouted flowers, like soft snowflakes, sprinkle to the grass. She leaves the tree naked and bare. I am her main focus, her hopeless prize as she strides with such elegance, so much grace. Pure white, beautiful. Big blue eyes, with a slight glimmer are locked on my fate. A black-lace gown flows carelessly behind her, it ripples from the touch of wind. Her dark hair, long, tight with curls, looks so soft. I so badly want to feel her, I need her rose red lips. They look like satin, the kind that hugs me at night. Her smile is tender. I am lost in the blue oceans that clash in her eyes.

“Shall I kiss you now?”

Her voice eliminates the world.

“Yes, yes. I am ready.”

Black wings swoop from behind her, like a bird, ready for flight. Delicate feathers brush the wind. With the last warmth I will ever feel, her kiss, so cold, freezes my body forever. I lie back in this coffin and dream for eternity.


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