Your love for me was so powerful and everlasting,

It’s so strong that even though you’re not here anymore,

I still feel it lingering around in my soul,

I still think about all of the cake-making memories,

all of the quilt sewing and bonding over making beautiful dishes.


Before you departed from my world into another,

looking into your eyes was so mesmerizing,

it was like I was looking into pools of depth and wisdom,

looking at your face,

was looking at your beautiful and addictive smile.


Whenever you strolled into the room you were in,

your face lit up and was illuminated with joy,

like you were seeing me for the first time ,

like you hadn’t seen me for a long time  and was welcoming me home.


Even though you are gone,

never to return again,

I will forever and until the end of my time love you with all my being,

I have and will always love you for every second that is in everyday,

I love you Grandma.


This poem is about: 
My family
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