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It was very early in the morning, just as the sun was rising I started thinking, walking slowly retentively hearing. The sound of sorrows everywhere, people running helter-skelter I couldn’t bear. at the front of my street dead bodies lying straight, as if that was not all, men were slaughtered at my very eyes as well. I fainted immediately thinking I am the next, though they pointed the gun on my forehead, but how I manage to escape, I could not remember.

Be courageous.

For this is the generation where men will say, come to my dominion, A place where you we have salvation which is our vision.

 And many shall be deceived into their dark terrestrial perception, by using soften words to get your attention captured, strategizing to make sure they bring you to church, not with the aim of preparing you for the rapture, but convincing you on how you can become prosperous.

 go and sow your seed and get your life secure, and step out of the life of being poor, for the tithe and the seed we are  sowing  is what that is saving us, which is the most preventive measure, the Crain that is lifting us from our failure. And when you sow a mighty seed, it provoke God, most especially when you sow it into the life of a pastor, not into the life of the widow nor the poor, for the pastors are the sears of God and with scripture, they will back it up.

But it is not their fault, is just the licence to the rapture. And all to fulfil the revelation of the scripture. Fake prophet shall arise, tribulations but yet the end will not come. but first, strange diseases and sorrows will come, so high so strange as it wasn’t before. many will plead for death even more but there will be no death anymore. For we were warn many times not once, not to hurt neither kill with sword, doing evil with all desperation and killing the righteous without fault. And many will say where is God where is God. But still there is God.

For many will curse the day that they were born, tears will flow like stream, then we will start wondering if this is a dream, but mind you it is not but real. To the federal government you will send, I am a killer, I am a thief I need to be condemn. Please kill me, please kill me. I want to die and get out of this mess. The federal government will tell you, don’t worry, killing is not a crime.  Go ahead and kill, kill as you wish, it is not a crime.

Brother will sleep with sister, father to daughter, family will be scattered, unity as division, marriages between men and animals, toys sex mates, homosexuals, lesbianism  and immorality will increase and men will decrease, then women will start walking nakedly on the street. But all this are the beginning of sorrows.

And what should I  tell this people, the righteous that will fly like an eagle.

I guess you already know that. With all this we are more than a conqueror .       



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