Killing Grounds

when I crumble at your feet, please don't turn around
what I lost that lonely evening, I have never found
one day I'll make my way onto the killing grounds
my ears are covered by the dark, but I still hear the sounds

and what they say to me, you don't ever want to hear
they're scribbling on my insides, crawling in my ears
they're slicing through my wires, cut me open, bleed me out
through every corner they've uncovered lies a growing seed of doubt

it's hard to live in a world this bright for a night lover like me
though the sun shines every day, it's too dark for me to see
in a world based on fake smiles, I've managed a way to live
but I've reached my end with bullshit, I have nothing left to give--



I think i have found my a kindred soul, that see the world in a similar light. 

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