Killing Dreams


I'm just speaking because I have a voice

Writing because its my choice

Drawing to tell these illusions, hoping somebody can cure my confusion

I can't tell where I'm going things change every second

I just go along with it hoping I learn every lesson

They say, "you cant change everything so why you stressin'"

Sometimes a gift is a curse and the curse is a gift

Try not to trip 'cause its all for something, I'm just doing everything praying its not for nothing

Tryna find something to believe in

Tryna find a little bit of reason

Trying not to let them manipulate me I got my own mind probably end up with treason

Friends steppin' out I guess time is up its just that season

Just leave me and let me know

Im bleeding but it wont show

Internally, can't let fire burn to me

Been in pain for too long but this emotion not for the world to see

My future mean the world to me but now I can't afford it

Everything is crashin' down, I know because I heard the sound

The destruction of satan not new to me

At night I just pray to God like, "let your angels be some glue to me"

Gotta pull it all together

This is what I write for

To gain everything and be successful so I fight more


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