To Kill A Gun


They have become the sleepless immortals in our country.

The instrument leading to too much blood spilt.

The goodbye 17 students never got to say.

The “Mommy, guess how my day went?” 28 children didn’t get to ask.

Because how does one kill the immortal?

How does one kill a steel weapon protected by an acronym that stands for ignorance?

A weapon that feeds off tragedy followed by a cycle of empty “thoughts and prayers” and then silence.

Because killing me is easier that cutting the life support on an inanimate object.

Because it seems that a good portion of America caught a bullet between their teeth by the name of ignorance.

Because votes are not only worth millions of dollars, but the lives of my peers.

Because this is an “adult issue”.



If this is your issue, why haven’t you done anything?

You helped pull the trigger.

Because all the “trouble teen” and “poor orphan” excuse come cheap.

Because my generation is so easy to brush off and dismiss.

Guns may have become immortal, but you’re not and they won’t remain immortal.

So watch us rise.

Because to kill a gun, we’ll stand strong.

To kill a gun,

We stand together.


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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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