Kill-ative Writing

I admire the person who could be so confidently wrong,

The person who could condescendingly know not of anything,

Many things, look for every seam, just to bark up my tree.

Insult for your comedy, so funnily.

Ready, see you're readily contributing to bully culture,

Almost free for me to feel so better about myself.

I thought you said you break your bread

With liberal heads, and thoughts that seem to hide in them.

You think you'd lend your thoughts—for naught—

Or are they dead?

Savior syndrome pays your income

In some quantities of freedom.

Sum your hoodlum, would run

Dreams of plaques and trophies

Raining dum dums—

And diamonds. I could tell you,

I would sell you 3 whole thoughts for 2 great pennies.

Go to dehlis, miss my wedding.

The bell's rang, class is beginning.

Is it thrilling, where you're sitting:

On a throne just worth a shilling?

Making killings of the million works of art,

I thought you're willing to listen to.



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