The Kids Are Awake


United States
33° 50' 27.492" N, 118° 21' 7.3404" W

We are perpetually, habitually
tip-toeing through life
always struggling and grappling with
is this wrong or is this right?
They all force us to whisper
when our instinct is to cry,
to cry out at Injustice
at Hate
at War
at Slaughter
but Silence is ideal, so they berate us:
Sons and Daughters.
Sons of Anarchy and Anomaly,
Daughters of a Revolution
and we are fighting for our rights
that were promised in the Constitution?
The Constitution of our nation--
supposedly our great foundation
but in Silence “We the People”
are reduced to subordination.
We the Subordinates
…of whom?
Are we not “Land of the Free?”
Sadly freedom is a myth
in our Land of Oligarchy.

We are perpetually, habitually
tip-toeing through life
on a spindle thread of false hope
that money is the ultimate goal.
If we
work hard enough
we’ll earn enough
to be good enough.
What we want is Wealth and Power
dictates the American Dream--
American Nightmare, more like
for what good dream
ends with selling
your soul
to the corporate machine?

We are perpetually, habitually
tip-toeing through life
we don’t know how to run
so who will teach us how to fly?

We don’t need wings
to bring great things
strength of Mind
is what we seek.
Wake up to reality and
don’t let their Silence put you to sleep.


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