The Kid Inside

Fri, 06/21/2019 - 12:15 -- esr23

Sometimes adults are just kids inside. Choosing to live a life led by lies. Someone who shirks responsibility and hides, but it is only when you are a fool that you can start to be wise.


After completing college I hid. Went back home and slid, back into my old ways as a kid. Video games I did.


Wide awake in the night, and fast asleep in the day. For three months I did play.


I escaped the pain that the future held and lived my life through a screen. Imprisoned in a mental cell, said "goodbye" to my dreams. 


Mother came into my room crying, she feared her son was slowly dying. 


Trapped in a room wasting away. Body deteriorating day by day. 


Her tears fell in the morning light. I knew what I was doing was not right. A change was needed so that i could fight the addiction to gaming that was a horrible blight. 


Slowly I began to reprogram my mind. Saw adversity as a chance to climb. 


Exercising early, and reading before bed. I built good habits that I fed. 


Life is tough and responsibilities are heavy, but when you carry your burdens with purpose you’ll feel extraordinary. 

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I put this poem in a blog post after I created it here.

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