Keys Between My Fingers

I walk with my keys between my fingers

Even when I park in a well lit area my fear lingers

I’m scared to take an Uber or a cab

Because if I’m not careful I might be kidnapped or killed

At night I ask for an escort out of the store

Because buying groceries alone isn’t safe anymore

I have to tell someone when I go on dates

So in case I’m not home on time

Someone will come looking. 

When I walk alone every man is a threat

Even thinking about it makes my hands sweat

God forbid I leave my drink unguarded 

Away from the safe clutches of my hands

Manicured in nail polish that detects date rape drugs

To be safe I must dress modestly

I must not get drunk

I must not lead a man on

But no matter what I wear I am in danger

No matter how I act I am in danger

So maybe I am not the problem


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Our world
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