The Key to the Cage is Me

I choose to forgive

Let it all roll off my shoulders

Pebbles, rocks and even boulders

I choose to end a hurtful cycle

Of the hateful battles that make me spiteful


Although you’ve left me

Tattered and scarred

I choose to thank you for who you are

Like a lily in a rain storm

My beauty is resilient

Come the spring morn

With the rain I grow

To become stronger

Than you could have ever known

I know more of my true self now than before

I sing a song of strength

Although my voice runs coarse

My mind is unclouded

Clear as the sky in mid July


I heard the caged bird sing from across the valley

He sung to me out

Together our voices rang out true and free

Such a sound is held in high regard

It's proof god's presence isn't so far

I have nothing to lose for its already His

His voice speaks to me

And continues to be a light unto my feet

So choose to forgive

Not for you but for me

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