Kevin My Stepbrother

Kevin and i were so close together

he would always make me laugh

he would always protect me from my evil stepdad

he would always give me hugs that made me feel specail inside 

then he would always promise me that he was always going to visit me and always be my side

everyday he would always visit me after school

he would help me out with my homework

on the weekends, he would bring his playstation 3 over and we would play games like black ops or watch spiderman movies the whole night

everything that we did was special, it meant alot to me seeing him coming over and i really felt like we had a brother and sister connection

then one day he left me, in my room without me knowing where he left, he didn't even say goodbye

then everday before i left to school or came back from school he never came back for me

one day on the news i saw someone involved in a motorcycle accident and it turns out that it was you boy

the way that they described your name, your height and your nationality it was all about you

so i ran up the stairs and cried inside my room, praying to god to help you heal for me

as the years and months went by, you finally recovered but you still never came back to me 


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