Keeping Safety

I don’t want to be this pretentious city girl


I thought I knew.


I could see a 

Whole world around me - 

Must be real. I guess I’ll


Fuck up my hair, shit on

Makeup and swear

That I’m not sick, just damn cool.


Don’t holler at me.

I’ll be off in my peace.

God, I’m nervous no one can see


This damn world. I thought

I knew my options.


But then came a house with the firebright

Flowers of day.

These fucking signs


Got me changing -

A heart entertaining a

Life so quiet. A house


Full of love when I’m hopeless.

Right off of nowhere,

A cat and a dog and a tree.


Games by the fire,

A smile in the twilight.

I’m nervous - I hope he sees.


But this damn world.

Chaotic never changed much.


I guess I’m hitting that phase of acoustic life


Like a rock star,


I’m damaged and

Paying in ashes 

Of dreams that I burned when 


I ran from the nurture,

Back to the torture.

I’m growing, I swear, I say


To my best friend,

Whom I’ll hate to the end

For erasing a life in Sacrament.



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