Keeping Lists

I keep a list of the people I could have fallen in love with in my mind

It’s a list that grows by and by each day

Like the boy I “dated” in sixth grade

(We broke up because his mom said he wasn’t allowed to date)

Or my friend who worked at the Starbucks

(He wasn’t “all the way” gay, as he told me)

Can’t forget the guy who called me hot at the concert

(I was shy and didn’t get his number)

Or the Grindr hookup that never went anywhere

(Shy again; too shy to ask him to stay)

Somedays I wonder how they are

If I can, I’ll Facebook stalk them

Check their walls and their posts and their friends

But nobody fucking uses Facebook anymore

So I just get to watch their Boomer parents share them memes.


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Tycoon Clever

Hi your poem is nice..
I also do keep list of people too

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