Keep Trying

What I fear most in life is failure,

I mean nobody likes the taste of defeat.

But I was never outspoken when I was young,

So I was always quite discreet.


There were times when I would procrastinate,

Such as when I had to study for a test,

and then test day would come and all I could think was,

"You can only blame yourself for being this stresssed."


Or when I first tried to ride a bike,

but couldn't even reach the pedals.

My dad gave me a strong push 

and that's how I found out pain had many levels.


I even intervied for PAL's,

A program where you help out your community.

I just didn't didnt realize

I would be asked to show off my singing ability.


But I really wanted to join the program,

So I took a deep breath and opened my mouth,

But what came out wasn't singing,

It sounded more like Oscar the Grouch.


In each of these moments my heart sank,

For I was certain I'd fail.

And slowy but surely,

My face began to turn pale.

For I knew that for years to come,

Everyone would be telling the tale

Of how this dumb kid from Texas

Did nothing but fail.


I could've gave up then

And just started crying,

I it weren't for my mom's advice

To just keep trying.


So I didn't give up on test day

When all seemed lost and the bell started ringing.

Instead I opened my journal

And studyied until my brain started stinging.


Then I whipped out my pencil

Faster than a car at the grand prix.

And yeah it wasn't my best work,

But I got a solid B.


I didn't give up the day I fell off my bike

And got a bunch of scrapes and bruises.

Instead I got kept practicing because one day people would say,

"Wow that kid can go anywhere he chooses."


And I didn't give up the day I was interviewed

and had to sing infront of the PAL committee.

Instead I prayed for the best, finished the song,

And no it wasnt very pretty.


So I answered all their questions, headed home,

and a few days later I was told I'd been accepted.

And that's when I realized they didn't care about my singing,

They just wanted to see if I would to do the unexpected.


So in the end everything worked out,

and I knew my mom had been right.

You can't give up just because you fall.

You have to get up and continue to fight.

It's not always easy but then again,

Nothing happens overnight.

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