Keep Moving Foward

Keep Moving Foward

1 of every 3 of us are told we're going to prison

1 of every 3 of us are told we'll graduate college

And only a measley 59% of us are told we'll graduate from highschool

But you keep moving foward

"Maybe if you would just cut your hair."

"Maybe if you didn't present yourself as a threat."

"Maybe if you didn't act so ghetto."

Can you keep moving foward

Advice we're told to prosper in this world

A world where we're told we won't prosper because of the way our hair grows

A world where we're told carrying yourself with dignity is threatening 

A world where our culture is precieved as ghetto or degraded

You can't keep moving foward

Fight back

Reject this world that has rejected us

Prove them wrong

You've been lied to

Show them you are more than just a number that you've been labeled as

Show them you can graduate and avoid prison

Prove them wrong saying you won't be a success

You can move foward

Don't choose to become complacent in a world that has given up on you

Become something extravagant 

Don't lose who you are

Keep moving foward


This poem is about: 
Our world


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