Keep Going


You know you can’t go on,

You really ought to slow,

But no you must keep going-

Abandon what you think you know.

You must go faster;

You can’t let up your speed,

You have to keep going.

You must not recede.

Going slow would be so nice

If only just for a moment.

But no! You can’t go easy,

Keep going; not all your energy’s spent.

Keep on pushing.

You are your enemy.

Don’t let your mind control you;

Keep up, break free.

Don’t let yourself slow

Just because you’re in pain;

The end is near,

The path is plain.

Now you sprint!

Leave behind all other things.

Focus on the finish line,

Run- fly on your wings.

It’s all out now,

It’s time to go!

Don’t think about the pain-

It’ll be done before you know.

You pass the line,

You can relax!

It’s over now,

You’ve done the task.

Your eyes are burning embers,

Your hair a whirlwind.

You’re panting with exhaustion,

You feel faint you find;

You are exhilarated,

Pushed right to the limit,

Yet you kept on going,

And now you’ve done it!

Your limbs are tired,

You’re muscles are sore,

But you accomplished the task

And you bettered your score.


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