Keep dreaming

They say they wanna see a demon 

Popping out in night gear 

Wearing that all black 

Putting in the right fear 

Beating on his top WID dis 9

For playing with my top 

Sneak dissing on my name for a fame

Now I gotta take your brains 

Put em in the ground 

Watch get them angles wings 

Niggas knew my body 

& still wanna play with luic 

Momma gotta get that money up 

They asked for a demon 

So mask off 

Skirt off 

Off a beam & im geeking 

Deep in your hoe she Phoenix

Off that beam she gonna give me demon head 

After I stoke her she gonna gain them angles wings 

Now she stuck in a daze 

Trynna be my lady 

I just wanna the neck 

Hit it viral 

Take her to viral world 

Show her what this money do 

Now she got me tatted 

I’m running through every city running up the racks 

They steady calling me a demon 

all these racks on me I can’t even see da floor 

Barley see my bitch 

I’m off two the 1st race 

Play with me head up on a panmaint 

Only gang way 

Two many snakes trynna sizzle in my way 

I’m grab that fuckinn lambbbb 

Turn off the light I’m turn into a demon 

These niggas gonna catch these angles wings 

Trynna drive me insane I’m hit a home Rome 

Playing with fire 

Like I don’t stay iced out 

Like my diamonds 💎 not 50k

Money long dick long 

Viral gang 

Yall getting killed for a another 

Hating on me not helping you 

Instead of watching me you should be playing fool 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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