The smile inside your eyes
A giggle upon my ear
The way you said my name
For everyone to hear
Rolling on your belly 
Your only method of transportation
The plump of your cheeks
Every vocal outburst of elation
From the curve of your lips
To the octave of your voice
None of which would I change
If I had been given a choice
The tube that provides nourishment
Medication a twice a day feature
Sitting up for the first time
Only to forget how after a seizure
Physical therapy for strength 
A pacemaker to keep you going
I hear you cry out in pain
And lack of understanding
A helmet to reshape your skull
New glasses so you can see
Doctor’s appointments nearly ample
To keep you here with me
If I could change any little thing
No matter what the cost
I would choose more days with you
If all of your pain was lost. 


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