Katie Nicole Gorrell Being Caring and Compassionate are what make me Flawless


Keeping a level head is what I do best,
Achieving my goals is the most important aspect of my life,
Treating people with care is my passion,
Instructing others is one of my assets,
Entertaining is another,

No one can deter me from reaching for the stars,
In between school and work I like to spend time with family and friends,
Creating bonds with people is something I have always been able to do well,
Opening up to people can be hard at first but once I do we become very close,
Love for my family is what keeps me motivated to do well in life,
Every person has the opportunity to be great; they just need to figure out what they are passionate about,

Going for your dream can be terrifying, but it is also completely worth it,
Only you can make your life what you want it to be,
Reading peoples emotions has helped me to connect with the ones I am close to,
Reaching out to people is something I try to do at all times,
Everyone needs someone to be there for them in their darkest hour and I am willing and able to be that person,
Love is something I have for all living creatures,
Living a life without compassion is empty and meaningless to me.


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