To Kathleen From Dylon


For my wife, Kathleen Cain.

You are my angel, sent from above.
You are the one, I was made to love.
Never has there been, a love so true.
As the love that is, between me and you.
I wake up everyday, just to see you smile.
You make living here, worth the while.
Before we met, I was so lost, so cold
Now I am set, willing to pay any cost, and so bold,
You turned my world upside down
But what really was turned was my frown.
I can't help but smile when I think of you.
No matter what's bothering me and no matter what I do,
I dream of you every night.
For you are always my guiding light
You guide me from my demons, my fears
You guide me to joy, to happiness, no tears
For you I would give everything, my all
For I know, you would catch me, should I fall
Yet I have fallen, fallen for you
And you did catch me, I love you.

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