This husband & wife couple were quite the pair; He would say "boo" & she jumped in the air. However, they managed to fool their family & friends;  With their mastered game of kiss & pretend. For they thought if he was to be found dead, That she would drop to the ground like sunken lead. They would not have imagined that it was arson indeed; That burned their home down as an act of pure greed. For he had taken out an insurance policy on his wife; Which would make him rich if not caught with a knife. So he had thought it safer to burn her in a fire; Which he set to his home using two live wires. However, just by chance she poured out her drink; Which had the traquilizers in it for he did not think. Thus she had got up when she smelled the smoke; And locked him inside for karma is indeed no joke.


Annette M Velasquez

Wow! Amazing narrative full of action, descriptive and well- written.

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