I saw your smile falter as you stared into my eyes

you pretended to see the stars and skies

you pretended you never told me lies


you pretended my life was just a game to be played

a game that you must conquer, must defeat, must win

and somewhere along the road I began to understand

you had made me believe in your reasoning: "you're only just a kid"


and during this period of time

my self-esteem was so low

that I would have let you win

happy to go six feet below.


but then I discovered meaning

and love and hate and sin

and the real reason for your disapproval

was your inhuman addiction to win.


so I stopped playing the game

that you had come to love

and eventually you understood, too,

as I was rising from above


that you can't play with people like a ball,

like some sort of twisted competition

you have to treat them like a person

and understand that they have this inhibition


to fall for him, for her for you

people are as romantic as e.e. cummings

and if you toy with them too long, just remember

karma's a bitch and she goes down swinging


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