Kaleidoscopic Love

Sat, 05/19/2018 - 00:53 -- ktspd


United States

Our love is the colors of the rainbow;

So bright and bold

In the lull of the sky.


Our love is Orange:

Warm and welcoming.

Our love is a fervent fireplace,

With the embers always glowing.


Our love is Blue:

Wallowing in our tribulations together

When life throws us in too deep.

But after the crashing storm

Will come our tranquility.


Our love is Violet:
Our love is a gentle morning glory field
When I feel the rub of your thumb

In my palm.

When tingles linger

When you kiss me on the cheek.

Our love is Red:
Full of affection,


Absolute adoration.

The inferno that I cannot stop, no,

When you hold me tight.


Our love is Green:
The slightest surge of energy

That can only come from each other.

The boost of pep in our step

That seems to come naturally.


Our love is Yellow:
Remembering when we were younger,

Hearing that you make me happy

When skies are gray

And realizing that even on the cloudiest day,

I found my sunshine in you.

There is a universe of love out there,

And ours is the most vibrant arc of all.

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I felt this. Beautiful poem!

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