Kaffir Boy

Kaffir Boy

Life as a Kaffir, harder than a nigga

You see in my world white people pull the trigger

We might share a dead beat daddy

But you rap about caddies

While I’m struggling for scraps

Broke, busted, and black

Crispy dark skin with my naps

No shoes, no socks

Forget monopoly, we play with rocks

But my ambition

For an education

Exceeds the expectations

Of the opposition

I’m at the top

Bright as a shock

From a bright light

But I am black, not white

Am I breaking a stereotype?

They associate the word black

With night, darkness, a gloomy or rainy day

And white is the color to brighten the day

Is black inferior?

Is white superior?

Is it my job to be beat?

Am I to kiss the white man’s feet?

Well I won’t

But the white man can step into my shoes

And see what we go through

Police playing playground bully

Wet black rich pricks trying to poke me

Because I am broke


While my mother is getting fatter

So I put the question on the platter

And serve it as an assumption

Is there an unfair game?

By the empty hands that hold no nourishment

That is meant to keep me strong

But strong is my mind

So smooth and sway like a swan

And as dark as three hours before dawn

In my world babies teach babies

Babies beat babies

Babies feed babies

And are soon to have a baby by babies

While they’re still babies

And it happens all in our generation

In our South African nation

Dominated by so many blacks

But represented by whites while blacks to the back

I’m determined

To learn and


In this current


Where blacks stick together like hot sauce on chitlins

But ain’t any of us in a stable living

I’m tired of the police interrogatin’, beatin’, and killin’

Taking my daddy away

And suddenly my finances are blown away

Leaving momma scraping to fix a meal today

And all we can do is pray

I’m young, black, and abused

With nothing to lose

You won’t know how hard life is

Living the way I live

This is no laughing matter

My life, as a kaffir



By: De’Angelo Jackson







alysia gritz

That's really dope. 



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