The Jux of Hate


That tar that you spit, embellishes oppression

Not uncovering another beauty only truly shielding it, no resting

Constant stressing about the matters of geography

Any time, any place in the thunder and rain your tar flows heavy through the streets

A ticking time bomb am I, I hate hate

Yes, that is a strong word, but your tar gave way

An eagle is trapped in a dark place

No eyes to see only rough terrain to feel with its claws

The tar that you spew just covered the walls now it's dark and you're the cause


I hate hate

The bomb ticks faster

After all that aftermath, I wonder what comes after

Residue and debris left behind by an empty heart

It's hollow and hardened by the light that went dark

This heart crawls to the tar that gave it life

Milking it, but it's lactose intolerant

Regurgitated, the tar spews onto new land not as cohesive as before

It's weaker, it's hate could not endure the impact


It went splat on the asphalt

That heart had its own vault and in turn a new season

A new reason to love. A new easing feeling of softness

They were right next to each other

That is hate and love

The bomb stopped ticking because hate was not strong enough

The heart's vault opened and poured out love, a love that gloved the tar

Season changed from winter to summer and warmed the love

This bomb only tocked, not ticking because hate was no longer pricking

The jux of hate.


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